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HtmlPedigree: Version history

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7 September 2005 - Version

A number of updates:

  1. An error introduced in version, affecting the link to the search facility, was corrected.
  2. When processing multimedia files linked in the GEDCOM file, comparisons of filenames are now case-insensitive, to avoid unnecessary creation of duplicate files.
  3. An error introduced in version, affecting the text displayed when the cursor hovers over arrows in the chart pedigree, was corrected.

7 August 2005 - Version

A number of updates:

  1. The program now allows complete control of the wording used in the web pages, to the extent that users can customise it to produce web pages in languages other than English. The customised settings can either be stored as new default values for the program, or else saved to the user's hard disc for future use. The web pages specify the language used, so that this can be detected by search engines.
  2. The search facility can now be used on websites whose language has been customised. The search facility has also been modified to make it easier to use with new sites. (Existing search links will continue to work.)
  3. Dates of marriage (or of similar events) are shown in the chart pedigree and in index entries for families.
  4. Background images can now be specified for the text pages and for the chart pedigree.
  5. If non-standard options need to be used for concatenation and continuation lines in the GEDCOM file, these can be reset after the data have been read in, rather than having to be specified before the file is read.
  6. If the name of the GEDCOM file has been changed, so that it no longer matches the name specified within the file, the program will now correctly copy and link to the file, if required.
  7. An option has been added to omit all non-standard GEDCOM tags.
  8. The browser-detection script has been modified to present the framed text version to some minority browsers which simulate Mozilla but cannot display the chart pedigree correctly (Safari and OmniWeb). Additional links have been added to improve navigation of the text pages by browsers with JavaScript disabled. A JavaScript problem introduced in version affecting some very old browsers (Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, versions 4 and earlier) has been corrected.
  9. The program should not now display duplicate icons for the same linked file. For users who wish to customise the JavaScript that determines how linked files are displayed, there is now the option of placing the modified script in a separate file so that it will be retained during future upgrades.
  10. Some other minor improvements and corrections.

31 May 2005 - Version

Modification to allow the search facility to be enabled or disabled, even if the user has chosen not to rewrite the home page. Also to allow the program to recognise the home page in future updates, in the same circumstances.

26 May 2005 - Version

Three updates:

  1. A Search facility was added. The index database, search page and results pages are hosted on www.htmlpedigree.com, so that no special processing by the user's web server is required. Visitors can fill in a search form to seek individuals by specifying a combination of surname, given name, place and/or date, and by using wildcards and soundex matching if required.
  2. The program now allows elements of the site's Home page to be edited when the pages are updated, without losing any changes the user may previously have made. It also offers the option of including an email link on each of the index pages.
  3. The number of files rewritten when the site is updated has been further reduced, particularly when the pages have been edited without updating the genealogical data from the GEDCOM file, or when they have been updated because the program has been upgraded to a new version.

14 February 2005 - Version

Because some problems affecting non-Microsoft browsers have been fixed, I'd recommend rewriting all web pages when you first update your website using the new version. To do this, carry out the normal Update procedure, and before saving the pages select "Force all files to be rewritten" in the "File parameters" section of the "Display style" dialog box - accessible via the "Tools" menu. This is essential if the pages are required to function correctly when displayed within a frameset from a different domain. Otherwise visitors using Firefox and Netscape may experience occasional problems, from which they can recover by clicking the "try again" link.

One major update:

  1. The default method for splitting index entries between different index pages has been changed so that, for example, the entries for a single surname are now split only at places where the first given name changes, and the title of each index page gives the surname and the range of given names covered. (Those who would like to carry on using the previous system, in which subsections were numbered, or who don't want large index sections split at all, can choose to do so using the "File parameters" section of the "Display style" dialog box - accessible via the "Tools" menu.) Some minor bugs in the creation of indexes during the update process were fixed.

A number of minor updates.

  1. A problem affecting the display of pages from one Internet domain, within a frameset from another domain, when viewed with non-Microsoft browsers, was fixed.
  2. A problem affecting the use of the "Back" button under Firefox and Netscape has been fixed.
  3. Problems with the default folder displayed, when reading or saving files using the Windows XP operating system, have been fixed.
  4. Links to external files derived from links within the GEDCOM file will now be displayed as iconic links at the top of each section, as well as hyperlinks within the text. For files copied from the user's computer, both types of links will display only the name of the file, not its location on the user's hard disc.
  5. Problems with the display of "tooltips" when the cursor hovers over an image, in non-Microsoft browsers, have been fixed.
  6. If the user opts to include a copy of the GEDCOM file on the website, a link to the file is automatically created on the home page.
  7. A line stating when the pages were last modified has been added at the bottom of each index page.
  8. When adding links to external files manually, the user can now include single or double quotation marks in the caption.
  9. The currently selected font has been added to the information included, when the user saves the current display settings as default.
  10. Several other minor bugs have been fixed.

20 December 2004 - Version

Three minor updates:

  1. A bug was corrected which meant that visitors sometimes had to click the "Back" button twice to return to the previous display.
  2. Alternative options have been added for processing the "CONT" tag, in order to cope with non-standard usage in some GEDCOM files. The user is now given the opportunity of choosing how "CONT" and "CONC" tags will be treated, when the GEDCOM data are read.
  3. When creating a set of web pages, the user is now given the opportunity of creating a new folder from within the program.

3 December 2004 - Version

An error in the reading of web pages containing multimedia links was corrected.

11 July 2004 - Version

Change in version number for technical reasons.

6 July 2004 - Version

An error in the new method of linking multimedia files - affecting browsers other than Microsoft Internet Explorer - was corrected.

1 July 2004 - Version

Major updates:

  1. A new method of directly linking images and other multimedia files was added (see How to link images and other multimedia files), with the links appearing as icons in the text web pages.
  2. For efficiency of maintenance, newly added linked files - both directly linked, and linked from the GEDCOM - now have their "Last Modified" time reset, so that only recently modified files need be uploaded when updating the website.
  3. Also, both types of linked files are now written to a subfolder named mm, so that their original file names can be retained. (N.B. This reorganisation of linked files corrects an error in the previous handling of files linked from the GEDCOM.)
  4. An additional set of indexes to families was included in the web pages.

Minor updates:

  1. The user was given more control over the default format of the chart pedigree (namely, the direction of time, which ancestors are displayed, and which descendants are displayed can now be specified).
  2. When saving web pages, a prompt was added for the user to specify whether files linked from the GEDCOM should be included in the web pages.
  3. An error was corrected to allow editing of the web pages without carrying out a full update from the GEDCOM file (for example, changes to style, or editing of directly linked files).

12 June 2004 - Version

Minor update:

  1. Owing to a change in the behaviour of Netscape between versions 7.0.2 and 7.1, the program was modified so that for Netscape users, the URL in the address bar is no longer updated. (Unfortunately this means that it's no longer possible for Netscape users to bookmark particular pages, except for those reached directly from links on the index pages.)

2 June 2004 - Version

Minor updates:

  1. The organisation of the pages was adjusted to allow them to operate consistently within an existing frameset
  2. A further bug, which meant that the layout was incorrect for Opera users with non-default browser identification, was corrected
  3. A bug relating to the deletion of GEDCOM tags was corrected
  4. The organisation of the "GEDCOM tags" dialog box was changed to make it easier to omit specified GEDCOM tags from the web pages

20 May 2004 - Version

[N.B. If you upgrade to this version and use it to update existing web pages, all the pages will have to be rewritten and uploaded to the web server.]

Major updates:

  1. The organisation of indexes was improved to allow sections containing large number of entries to be split between several index pages
  2. A page of statistics was added, together with a list of surnames, displaying the number of individuals for each and linking to the index pages
  3. Copies of the help pages for users and visitors were added to the installation, allowing them to be viewed offline
  4. More options for customising the home page from within the program were added
  5. A site title, appearing in the browser title bar for most pages, was added
  6. A bug in the browser detection script, which prevented some Opera users from seeing the full version of the pages, was corrected. The organisation of the browser detection script was improved, so that future amendments will not require all the text pages to be rewritten.

Minor updates:

  1. Several minor improvements to the usability of the program were made (for example keyboard shortcuts were added for several functions, and the size and position of the window was made persistent for different runs)
  2. The choice of dates for index and chart entries was improved, to ensure that - for example - baptismal dates are used when dates of birth are not available
  3. The program was modified so that long dates are split between two lines in the chart
  4. Instructions about non-standard font faces were added to the help pages (see Using a non-standard font face)

23 April 2004 - Version

Minor update:

  1. The handling of linked files was modified to allow links to other pages in the same website using relative URLs (see How linked files are processed)

22 April 2004 - Version

Minor updates:

  1. A bug was fixed which could cause problems if the user deleted lines of text in the chart pedigree
  2. The presentation was modified so that birth and death events would not be indicated in the chart pedigree and index, if no values were given in the GEDCOM file
  3. The positioning of lines indicating marriage in the chart pedigree was improved

10 March 2004 - Version

Original release