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HtmlPedigree: Updating an existing set of web pages

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To update an existing set of web pages:

  1. Start up the program, click on the "Open" icon (or the "Open" item in the "File" menu, or the Ctrl+O keyboard shortcut), find the folder containing the web pages on your hard disc, select the visible file and click "Open".
  2. (a) To update the pages with data from a new version of the GEDCOM file, click on the "Update from GEDCOM" icon (or the "Update from GEDCOM" item on the "File" menu, or the Ctrl+U keyboard shortcut), find the GEDCOM file on your hard disc, and open it.
    (b) With or without updating from the GEDCOM file, you can also make any required changes to the style of the web pages or to the chart pedigree, edit links to images or other files, modify the contents of the home page, or add a search facility to the web pages - see Advanced features.
  3. Then save the updated web pages by clicking on the "Save" icon (or the "Save" item of the "File" menu, or the Ctrl+S keyboard shortcut), and choosing the folder to which the pages should be saved. (You're strongly recommended to keep a backup copy of the old web pages, in case there's any problem during the updating process.)
  4. Before the web pages are saved, you will be asked whether you want to include any files linked from the GEDCOM (see How files linked from the GEDCOM are processed) and warned that files in the destination folder may be overwritten.

As far as possible, the program will identify records in the GEDCOM with those in the old web pages, to ensure that links and bookmarks remain valid in the updated pages.

The program will not rewrite web pages that are unaffected by the update, so that only web pages that have changed will need to be uploaded to the web server. (Under Windows, display the contents of the folder containing the web pages, click on "Modified" to show them in the order they were written, and select for uploading only those with dates later than the previous update.) The same will be true of linked files in the subfolder mm.