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HtmlPedigree: Changing the style of the pages

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The style of the web pages can be customised by clicking the "Edit display style" item of the "Tools" menu, and editing the values in the "Text style", "Chart style" and "Menu style" sections.

In each of these sections, the colours can be edited by clicking the adjacent "Choose" button to bring up a dialog box. This offers several alternative ways to specify the required colour, and contains an "OK" button which should be clicked to save it.

The font face for text and charts can be chosen from the list in the "Text style" section. Each entry lists two font faces, to be applied in order of preference. (If you'd like to use one that's not on the list, see Using a non-standard font face.)

The following dimensions can also be specified:

In each of these three sections, there is the option of restoring the default values - that is, of cancelling all the changes made in that section since the "Display style" dialogue box was opened. There is also an "Apply" button that allows the changes in all sections to be previewed befor they are finally accepted by clicking "OK". (To reverse the changes, click "Restore defaults" in each section, and then "OK".)

If you would also like to save these changes for future use, you can do so in two different ways.

  1. You can click on "Save current settings as default" in the "Tools" menu. This means that the program will continue to use the edited values as its default in the future. Otherwise it will revert to its own defaults the next time it runs.
  2. You can click on "Save current settings to a file" in the "Tools" menu. This allows you to save the settings to a file on your hard disc. When you want to use these settings in the future, click on "Read settings from a file" in the "Tools" menu, and read the file back in.