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Re-indexing or deleting an index

If you have already created an index, the "Index management" page will display a section headed "Manage existing indexes". This shows a drop-down list of the sites that have been indexed. After selecting one of these, you can select either "Re-index", or "Remove" to delete entries in the index relating to this site. Then click "Submit".

Indexing more than one site

You can index more than one set of HtmlPedigree web pages, and you can create more than one index. Each index is specified by a group number.

If you have produced more than one set of web pages using HtmlPedigree, you can create a separate index for each of them by following the steps above, specifying a different group number for each one.

Alternatively, you can include several sets of HtmlPedigree web pages in a single index, so that they can all be searched at once. To add another site to an existing index, log in to the "Index management" page, and in the "Add new site" section, enter the address of the site, and select the existing index, to which you want to add, from the drop-down list within the same section. Then click "Submit". When creating or updating the website, enter the group number for the index in which you want to include the pages.

Editing the properties of an existing index

If you have an existing index, and want to edit its name, its caption or the web address to which its "Home" link points, use the section at the bottom of the "Index management" page, headed "Edit names, captions and 'Home' URLs of existing indexes". Select the index by name in the drop-down list and click the "Edit" button. You will then see another form, in which you can enter the new name, caption and web address. When you have finished, click "Save".