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When HtmlPedigree was written in 2004, a huge amount of effort went into ensuring that the web pages it generated would be correctly displayed by as many browsers as possible. Unfortunately it seems that some browsers that have been developed subsequently do not display the web pages correctly. I have therefore decided to withdraw the program from sale. These web pages will remain online for the benefit of existing users of the program.

HtmlPedigree is a new computer program that produces web pages from genealogical data in a GEDCOM file.

The web pages combine hyperlinked textual information with an interactive chart pedigree.
 Click here to see example web pages.

You can download a free trial version of the program for evaluation. This can be upgraded to the full version without any need for a further download.
 Click here to see a screenshot.

Some key features:

  • GEDCOM data. The GEDCOM records are presented as framed web pages, with links to related records. Notes, sources and repositories are all included.
  • Interactive chart pedigrees. The visitor can control the format in a variety of ways, or simply click on the arrows to navigate through the pedigree.
     Click here to see the chart pedigree in action.
  • Search. Visitors can search for individuals in your pages by filling in a form specifying names, places and/or dates, using wildcards and soundex to match uncertain spellings. The search facility is hosted at htmlpedigree.com, so no special processing has to be done by your web server.
     Click here to see how the search facility works.
  • Customisation. You can choose the style of the web pages - colour schemes, fonts and so on - and the layout of the chart pedigree. Also how both standard and non-standard GEDCOM tags are represented in the web pages, and how dates are interpreted.
  • Efficient updating. Bookmarks to individuals should remain valid when the pages are updated. The program will rewrite only the pages that are affected by the update, to reduce the number of files you have to replace.
  • Direct linking of images and other multimedia files to web pages. You can create links in the web pages to files on your hard disc and resources on the Internet. The program will automatically make copies of the linked files, and will update the "time modified" of newly linked files to make updating easy and efficient.
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